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Are you someone who does not speak English as your first language? Then you might find writing in English quite hard. Many people who are either learning English for the first time or have started to write in English might find it hard to get their language just right. That’s why at Scientific Editing we provide a simple and easy to use English proofreading service. By contacting us, we can take a look at any kind of English writing that you have done and ensure that it reads well and has a native feel to it.

However, at Scientific Editing we also know that you want to make sure that your writing is still your own. The secret to making progress with the English language is to make mistakes and learn from them. So, we don’t just turn this into a picture-perfect English essay; we show you what we change, why we changed it, and what it could also have been alternatively changed to. This lets us help you see that your essay is both close to being right and that you have the skills to actually learn English and use it as your primary language!

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If your write up is lost in translation or it contains your own personal vocabulary, we will simply clean it up and make sure that it is easy to read. For most people who speak English as a second language, the hardest part is making sure that your content flows from one section to the next.

We know how tough that can be, which is why our team are happy to get involved and show you what we can do. Simply let us know what kind of issues you are having when it comes to English, and we can show you where the best changes can be made.

Also, let us know what you think has to change the most in your writing. We can then keep a specific eye on that problem so that we can ensure your content comes back reading and feeling fantastic.

English proofreader company

Proofreading Sample


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Inspire your audience with well-read English

If you are trying to break into an English speaking market, one thing that you have to do is to show your true self. However, if English is not your primary language then this naturally can become much tougher. This is why we highly recommend that you look to give your audience an inspirational and easy to read article instead. Contact us, and we can go through every last part of your essay to ensure that it matches up with what we would have expected.

When hiring our English proofreading company, you are hiring people who want to simply help you succeed. We want to ensure that your writing is fair, that it feels fluent, and that the main ideas you had to put across are done so with ease.

We know that it can be tough to write for the audience that you have in mind if you are not a natural English speaker. By proofreading your work, though, we will ensure that the piece makes perfect sense. Whether it’s an essay, some marketing content, or even just a personal piece of content, our English proofreading company can assist you.

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Create content that is understood by all

It does not matter to our team at Scientific Editing whether the content you are producing is going to be for a business or for a personal project. We want to make sure that it can be read with ease by just about anyone who can read the English language. This means that we can work on anything so long as you intend on it to be in English. We can take it in the current form that it is in and then work on it slowly but surely to create content that will meet audience expectations.

Don’t let your content fall into disrepute due to a lack of language checking. At Scientific Editing, we can go through every last word, phrase, sentence, and paragraph. We’ll ask you for clarification when and where needed so that we can make your point loud and clear, ensuring that we don’t confuse your readers. The end result is an article that is easily readable by the intended audience, and which will still sound like it came from you.

When using our English proofreading company, we look to perfect the grammar and syntax without removing your personal touch.

Our English Proofreading Company Ensures your audience understands your message

Clarity is king in any kind of writing. Whether it is a letter for an English speaking friend or colleague, or it is an academic document to be read by your peers, it does not matter. At Scientific Editing, we take the time to go through every last word and ensure that it makes sense.

We look to fill in gaps where more detail could be needed and will recommend areas for removal if we feel they are simply filler. We can make your article read like a full English piece, but we can also ensure that you can get better ideas on what to write next time.

In short, the team at our English proofreading company will ensure that you get content that it thoroughly edited and faithfully adjusted to suit whatever your target market is. If you would like to tap into this, then contact us today. We can show you everything that you need to change in your content.

The end result will be proofread English content that will make sense in the context that you had intended. If you have a message that you wish to pass on but want to make sure it’s done without anything being misconstrued, speak to us today. Our English proofreading company will ensure your content comes back reading as crisp as it would from a native English speaker, all without removing your personal touches.