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A professional ebook proofreader is trained to spot hard to find errors and confusing or repetitive sentences. Therefore, even if it is possible to proofread your book yourself, it would be wise to hire the services of a professional proofreader. Also, hiring a professional ebook proofreading service will give you a reader’s perspective on your book at a stage where you can still make significant changes to strengthen your work.

Only quality can make an ebook stand out in a virtual bookstore. However, the advent of electronic publishing and self-publishing has drastically lowered the standards of book entries around the world. As such, to have the edge over the surplus pool of ebooks, authors have to use the convention of punctuation and grammar to gain advantage and address their readers adequately. Here at Scientific Editing we provide ebook proofreading services for the writers who need a second pair of eyes.

Since the creative process is a somewhat fluid one, it is essential not to be sidetracked by the niceties of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Therefore, you should instead focus your inspiration on the things only you can do and leave the rest to professional ebook proofreaders to help you correct the errors in the book. This will allow authors to focus on the originality while being confident that their readers would be getting the best out of them.

As you have finally finished your ebook, there remains an essential process before you can proceed to publish your book. Proofreading your ebook is the last stage before you can get your ebook published. Although proofreading is vital, it can be extremely tedious and requires a particular set of skills.

However, choosing the right professional proofreader can be tricky; this is why Scientific Editing exists to remove the burden of having to choose. Scientific Editing has a team of qualified and experienced proofreaders that you wouldn’t need to choose the best because all our proofreaders are the best in the field.

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Our Ebooks Proofreading Service Covers:

Novels and short stories (learn about the rise of English novel)

Political books

History books



Self-help books

Comic books

Short stories


Mystery book

Plays and screenplays


Guide books

Poetry (Learn about the greatest poems)

And much more

Scientific Editing and Proofreading Service

Our team of professional proofreaders has helped countless authors refine their writings. Also, over the years, they have gained extensive experience in making sure an ebook is ready for publication. This is why if you are looking for the best proofreader for your ebook, Scientific Editing is the best fit for you.

Our ebook proofreading service was designed to help authors that are about to publish their ebook ensure that their ebooks attain a level of professionalism and quality. Our proofreaders help you proofread and polish your ebook to help them become bestsellers in virtual bookstores.

Additionally, we understand that time is a vital commodity, especially for authors in the race for publication. Therefore, our ebook proofreading service offers different turnaround time that is designed to suit your deadline needs.

What Is an Ebook Proofreading Service?

When you hire our ebook proofreading services, our proofreaders:

  • Proofread your book line by line
  • Fix issues with sentence structure and word choice.
  • Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors
  • Fix issues with repetition and inconsistency.
  • Ensure that your tone is consistent throughout the book.
  • Fix linguistic mistakes
  • Check for misinformation, wrong details as well as factual errors


A facility for fixing dissertations

A facility for fixing rejected articles

A facility for fixing grammar