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Dissertations and theses are documents submitted by a student in partial fulfillment of an academic degree, presenting the research and findings of the author. A dissertation or thesis has to be perfect or at least close to it to get a grade needed to be able to pass the academic degree. A dissertation or thesis riddled with errors cannot get the grade it deserves.

Theses do not just have to contain meaningful research and findings but must also be written with the right style of writing and perfection. To ensure that your thesis is perfect, it requires proofreading to spot and correct errors before submission.

Dissertation and thesis proofreading service

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thesis proofreading sample

Quality theses should be free from errors, and their sentences should be well structured. Most students just write their theses and go ahead with submitting without proofreading and adjusting where it is necessary.
You might be a genius in your field of study, or you have accumulated credit hour upon credit hour, but you might not be a good grammar expert. Your thesis must be flawless. The time and brainpower you spent on your thesis may get ruined by the wrong tense, a dangling participle, or a run-on sentence.

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A thesis that has not gone through proofreading might contain unclear sentences, ambiguous sentences, or grammatical errors. These might interfere with the intended meaning of a sentence. To ensure that your thesis is free from all forms of errors, you will need to hire the services of an excellent thesis proofreading service.

In your need for an excellent thesis proofreading service is where Scientific Editing comes into play. We have the experience in offering proofreading service to different students around the globe. Additionally, Scientific Editing offers an affordable thesis proofreading service to help ensure that your thesis is submitted error-free.

Scientific editing has a team of experienced and qualified editors with different fields of study who are committed to offering the best editing and proofreading service in the market. Also, having numerous thesis editors with several years of experience has not just made us the best thesis proofreading service out there but has also earned respect among our clients.

We are proud to have among our team of editors, writers, and editors who have gained knowledge and skills in the fine art of thesis proofreading. We have different experiences with different clients from different parts of the world with diverse thesis needs. This has helped us picked a thing or two along the way on how to better improve our thesis services.

After writing and fantastic well-grounded thesis, the next thing is to proofread that thesis before submission. Our thesis proofreading service is the way to go as we will help to ensure that writing style and choice of words are in line with the necessary grammar and writing standards.

How We Proofread Your Thesis

Our service occurs by scouring through your thesis to identify every error in grammar, word use, and mechanism of the English language and correcting them promptly. We check for the top mistakes people make in the English language. We have read numerous thesis. It has made us uniquely qualified to know what to look for and how to provide befitting corrections.

Our thesis Proofreading Checklist

When proofreading your thesis, we have a checklist of things that we need to check successfully before we can recommend the submission of your thesis. They are as follows:

  • Checking if the entire text has run-on sentences or sentence fragments
  • Checking for no-parallel structures, improper subordination, and coordination.
  • Identifying and correcting errors in subject/verb.
  • Checking verb tenses and correcting errors
  • Identifying and correcting the pronoun/antecedent agreement.
  • Checking and verifying word choice and phrasing
  • Checking spellings and correcting errors.
  • Correcting errors in punctuation
  • Checking for the numbering and bullet style
  • Checking the citation and referencing format.
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Reasons to Use Our Thesis Proofreading Service


The author of a thesis is tiring to communicate his research and findings to his reader, and a thesis filled with errors will distract the reader from getting the intended message. The thesis gets more disorienting for readers; the more the errors encountered, this could lead to misunderstanding the message being communicated. Use our proofreading service to prevent the misinterpretation of your thesis and to ensure it is error-free.


Having a thesis that is riddled with error will attract a low grade by the grading lecturer. However, having a thesis free from errors is sure to earn you more marks. This is what our proofreading service offers. Our proofreading service will ensure you get the marks you deserve.

Fresh perspective

It is advisable to have a second opinion on your thesis to have a fresh perspective after you must have done the proofreading yourself. Getting a professional proofread your work will allow them the chance to catch the errors you must have omitted. Our proofreading provides a fresh perspective you need.

Time saving

Having to proofread your entire thesis will definitely take a lot of time that you might not have before the submission deadline. Using our proofreading service will allow you to get your proofreading done as fast as possible, and you could use the time to do other essential things.


After going through the hard work of carrying out the research for your thesis and writing the entire thesis all by yourself, having to proofread the thesis yourself might be way too stressful. However, using our proofreading service to proofread your thesis will save you the stress of having to do it all on your own.


All theses deserve to be perfect, and our proofreaders are perfectionists with attention to details. Hiring our proofreading service will ensure that your thesis is perfect for getting the grades it deserves.

Qualified proofreader

Our proofreading service consists of skilled proofreaders that are qualified and extremely dedicated. With native English speakers who have postgraduate degrees in various fields of study, our proofreading is topnotch and second to none.


Our proofreaders can work with a sense of urgency with competence. They can do what needs to be done in the course of proofreading your thesis with haste and competently, unlike when you have to do it yourself.

Steps Scientific Editing Proofreaders Take When Proofreading Your Thesis

Create a checklist

Our proofreaders have a list of essential things to check for in the course of proofreading a thesis, as listed above.

Verifying facts

Our proofreaders help to double-check facts, figures, and names used in the thesis. The proofreader observes to know if there is a need for additional information or there is information missing, the proofreader notes it to relay it to the author.

Spelling check

One of the essential aspects of proofreading is to ensure that the spellings in the theses are accurate. The proofreader checks for errors in spelling and if each spelling conforms to the variant of the English language that the thesis is written in.

Checking consistency

Scientific Editing proofreaders check if there is consistency in the written style, tenses, and citation format used in the thesis.

Checking the first word

The proofreader checks the first word of the paragraphs in a chapter to ensure no two words in the chapter starts with the same word.

Reading one line at a time

Rather than trying to read the thesis as a whole, our proofreaders read a single line at a time. This allows them to focus on each line and reduces the chance of reading too fast, which could lead t missing subtle errors.

Checking the format

This is to check if the format in which the thesis is up to standard. They check the column alignment, fonts, page numbering footnotes, labels, and so on. (Learn about our dissertation editing and formatting service)

Reading all over again

After reading through and correcting errors for the first time, our proofreader reads through again to ensure no errors were overlooked.

Proofreading theses


Benefits of Using Our Thesis Proofreading Service

Progressive draft
In the course of proofreading your thesis, we deliver the drafts progressively before the submission deadline.

Online support
In the event whereby you have concerns, our team is ready and available to help tackle and resolve your problem

Quality editing
Scientific Editing has the best writers and editors for thesis proofreading. Hence, our proofreaders will ensure that all the essential aspects of your thesis are covered with respects to the instructions given. After using our service, your thesis will have no grammatical or sentence structure mistakes.

Delivery according to deadlines
Scientific Editing is huge on deadlines, and as such, our proofreaders understand the importance of meeting deadlines. Hence, using our proofreading service will guarantee that your thesis will be submitted on or before the deadline.

Better command of the English language
Our proofreaders have an excellent command of the English language and are, therefore, able to fix both silly and serious errors in your thesis. Even more, our service also includes figuring if your choice of words and sentence structure convey the intended idea without losing its intended meaning. Our proofreaders can give your thesis an additional uplift with the right idiom or phrase.

Enhance the flow of your thesis
Our proofreaders are in the position to suggest if your thesis has the logical flow it is supposed to have or whether your points are not well organized.

Rather than having to depend on spellcheckers and grammar checkers on word processors that will do a half-baked job in correcting spellings. Our proofreader will ensure that all spellings are correctly checked for the slight errors that can occur and promptly corrected.

Our service can also include fact-checking, whereby our proofreaders can help to ensure that the sources cited are not just accurate but properly cited. Our proofreader can help verify the credibility of the information in your thesis, as well as making sure the citation and referencing formats are consistent.

Our service includes ensuring that our proofreaders will work to ensure that your theses are perfect. Hence, making it ready to get the grades it deserves. They do this by making sure the thesis is in line with all the requirements of the institution.

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Scientific Comments

Thesis Proofreading Serviceup to 10,000 words7 days
Thesis Proofreading Serviceup to 20,000 words12 days
Thesis Proofreading Serviceup to 30,000 words17 days
Thesis Proofreading Serviceup to 40,000 words22 days
Thesis Proofreading Serviceup to 50,000 words27 days
Thesis Proofreading Serviceup to 75,000 words40 days
Thesis Proofreading Serviceup to 100,000 words 50 days

Writing a thesis is for most postgraduate students to write a long academic document containing particular research and their findings. However, every detail in the thesis must be correct, the text must be carefully organized, and referring must be accurate with no error whatsoever.

Each student must proofread his or her thesis. It is, therefore, advisable to hire a proofreading service. These proofreading services are better equipped to identify the various kind of errors enclosed in the thesis. Contact Scientific Editing today, for your proofreading needs.

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