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For anyone involved in writing a dissertation for university or college, the stress can be hard to fathom. The sheer challenge of writing a dissertation alone can be hard work. So much effort has to go into every part of the process. It takes a huge amount of work and personal effort to build a dissertation that is going to help you get the results that you need. However, editing is part of that dissertation, too. That’s why so many people today are using our professional dissertation proofreading service.

With the help of our proofreading service, you can get all the help that you need to get your dissertation read through, adjusted, edited, and managed to suit your own personal needs. With a dissertation, you need someone who can look through it and understand the high-level language that is used. You also need someone who understands the core topic at hand, so that they can proofread it and make sure it still makes contextual sense.

With the help of our professional dissertation proofreading service, you can get the help that you need today. All that you need to do is let us know the topic, and we can arrange an evaluation to see how we can help you the most.

PhD Dissertation Proofreading Services

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PhD dissertation proofreading service

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How does it work?

Our dissertation proofreading service is exceedingly simple – all that you need to do is:

Arrange a project with us, and our academic staff will take a look at your dissertation ASAP.

Once submitted and checked by a member of the team, we’ll give you bespoke feedback.

This feedback will tie into everything from spelling to syntax, typos to how ideas come across.

We’ll also look to point out what your dissertation is presently lacking, and what could be added.

Staff will also point out what could be removed to help thin down the word count and make space for more content.

We use this process to ensure that you don’t just get a cleaned-up dissertation without any information or context. We tell you what has to change, what could be included, and what needs removal. We also look to give you advice on how you can personally improve, making sure you can spot the problems in your original dissertation.

Since we only use people with degrees in your industry or a related industry, you can feel confident that our editing will make your dissertation the best that it can be.


Get the best result on your submission

With the help of our proofreading expertise, you can get the help that you need to make sure your ideas make sense. Writing in English can be hard, even for natural speakers. Trying to get your ideas across in a way that is going to resonate with the reader is very important. That’s why using our system can help you to:

  • Improve the quality, variety, and consistency of your grammar in your dissertation.
  • Optimize punctuation, avoiding sentences that drag on for too long.
  • Freshen up your spelling, reducing the frequency of commonly used words and phrases.
  • Increase vocabulary, swapping out terms for more suitable synonyms as we go.
  • Adjust your syntax, making sentence structure far more readable and natural overall.
  • Adapt to a more academic tone, making sure your ideas sound professional and informed.

Doing all of this on your own can be tough work. With the help of our dissertation proofreading service, though, you can make sure that writing is a much easier and simpler process. We’ll go through the whole project, making sure that your dissertation reads fluidly and that every idea you want to push forward can be managed.

Why do I need my dissertation to be proofread?

The main reason is that you might lack the time or the focus to do it right. A dissertation can be thousands of words long; this could take you hours to write-up across many weeks of research. With all of the reading, reviewing, and writing that you need to do, editing can become a headache.

With our dissertation proofreading service, you only need to let us know what the topic is, and we’ll get our best staff member on it. The person we choose will have the focus to go through every last word and make sure each sentence flows. We don’t just look for syntax errors or the like, though; we look for various ways to help make sure that it all works together as one.

A good dissertation is one that makes its points clearly and forcefully, baked up by knowledge and good referencing. We’ll help you to ensure that shines through in every section.

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Dissertation proofreading service: perfect for ESL students

While our service is aimed at every student who wishes to improve, English second language students can use our service with ease. We’ve designed the whole service to ensure that you can get the simplest, easiest way of getting your dissertation ready for handing in.

Our editors are experts in handling ESL works, meaning that you don’t have to worry about the language barrier. So long as your key ideas are there, we can edit and adjust to make sure it’s as cohesive as it should be. Many of the dissertations that we edit will come from a student who is not a native English speaker.

With this kind of service, you can get all the help that you need to make sure your dissertation is going to be able to pass the kind of expectations of your superiors. Our aim is to make sure that you have a dissertation that is sensible in what it says and professional in how it comes across. If you would like to make sure your dissertation is going to be easily understood and sounds as natural as it can be, our dissertation proofreading service is here to assist.

Can you meet my deadlines for my dissertation?

Do you have a very specific deadline for when you need your dissertation back from us? That’s fine.

The team that we have will be more than happy to work around the clock to ensure that your dissertation arrives in ideal condition prior to your deadline. We know that dissertation deadlines aren’t often flexible, so we will make sure that your dissertation is prepared and put in place ahead of time.

Since our services are available all-day, we make sure that you are never stuck for support. Simply submit the document that you wish to have read over to our team, and we can go through it as quickly as possible. However, just because we are fast does not mean that we are not thorough.

Every dissertation is looked over closely to ensure that it can match the style and the remit that you would need. We use detail-oriented professionals who can find the right information time and time again. This ensures that not only is the language of a higher standard, but the way in which your ideas work, and blend together will be much more effectively than before.

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Let’s improve your statement and argument

With the help of our team today, you can make sure that your arguments are stronger than ever. We have editors across many backgrounds, so you can trust that we have someone who gets your topic at hand. Therefore, we can make your arguments not only read better but also come across as more influential and thorough. We’ll look to always make sure that we don’t just edit the basics; our service will make your arguments and your opening/closing statements much stronger than before.

By ensuring every statement and suggestion is made in the right manner, we’ll improve every aspect of your dissertation for you.

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How much do you charge for your dissertation proofreading service?

At the moment, our prices are some of the most competitive in the industry. If you are looking to have your dissertation proofread, you can check our prices here. This gives you a great deal, making sure you can pick up a great price, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment. The price that you pay with us will ensure that:

Your dissertation will be handled by a professional who understands your topic(s).

Your dissertation is edited and adjusted by someone who understands the process.

You get every word checked, adjusted, edited, and improved without any hassle.

The document will be delivered on or before the agreed-upon time that we set beforehand.

This should give you all the confidence that you need to know that you can trust our dissertation proofreading services to handle your dissertation without any issues.

I need help making my case clearer – can you help?

When you hire our team, you aren’t just hiring someone who can do a bit of proofreading and editing at the most basic level. You are hiring proven experts who know how to make your arguments work in your favor. They understand your topic and your industry, so we’ll make sure you are giving thorough, full and reasoned arguments.

We’ll give you full and fair advice about what has to change, and what needs to be improved. While many times a professor can be less helpful than you would have hoped, we make sure you get the assistance you need directly. We can make sure that your arguments are making sense, and that your case is clear in the dissertation.

That’s why so many of our users are now using our dissertation proofreading service. You might feel confident in your writing quality, but what about the quality of the points that you are putting across?

We are more than just proofreaders. We’ll look to find every aspect of the writing that could be improved, including the arguments you make.

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Let’s get your dissertation ready for review

Ready to make a choice, then?

If you are, then you should contact our team today and submit your dissertation to us. We can then give you a full idea of what we can do to make your dissertation even better. From correcting grammatical issues to ensuring your arguments are water-tight, our dissertation proofreading service will make sure you have a much better chance of academic success.

For more help from professionals who understand the challenges you face, then, contact us today. We can arrange a full review of your dissertation or pay particular focus to any parts you feel are weak. Whatever your need, whatever your reason, our proofreading service is here to assist.

Dissertation Proofreading Serviceup to 10,000 words7 days
Dissertation Proofreading Serviceup to 20,000 words12 days
Dissertation Proofreading Serviceup to 30,000 words17 days
Dissertation Proofreading Serviceup to 40,000 words22 days
Dissertation Proofreading Serviceup to 50,000 words27 days
Dissertation Proofreading Serviceup to 75,000 words40 days
Dissertation Proofreading Serviceup to 100,000 words 50 days