Scientific Editing

Accurate and clear presentation of your research is a critical component of your success in publication. Our editors at Scientific Editing will help you improve the accuracy and impact of your manuscript. Both native and non-native English speakers benefit from our scientific editing services.

We offer professional editing and proofreading services for all types of academic and research papers in many scientific, technical, and medical subjects. We know the standards of different journals, and we will edit your documents according to the required standards by applying our scientific writing and editing skills.

We provide a range of pre-submission services. All of our editors hold a PhD and have a descent publication record. They are capable of handling your complex requirements before submitting a science paper. Our editors ensure that your writing is accurate, clear, transparent and free from typos, grammar and language issues.

Where our clients have published

Our edited manuscripts have been published in many high impact factor journals. Here are some examples:

  • Cancer Cell
  • Cancer Research
  • Cell
  • Cell reports
  • Chemical Science
  • Developmental Cell
  • Earth and Planetary Science Letters
  • Energy and Environmental Science
  • Genetics
  • Genome Biology
  • Immunity
  • Journal of Experimental Medicine
  • Materials Horizons
  • Nano Letters
  • Nature
  • Nature Communications
  • Nature Genetics
  • Nature Geoscience
  • Nature Medicine
  • Nucleic Acid Research
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States
  • Science
  • Scientific Reports