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Here at Scientific Editing, we understand just how important your scientific manuscript is to you. We appreciate how much of a tremendous sacrifice you have made just to get your paper to this point. That is why our expert academic editors are MD or Ph.D. holders to provide you with tailored editing services according to your field. They can sympathize with the countless hours you have spent developing plans, conducting research, collecting data, and meticulously writing all you've assembled thus far. To have your research published is a testament to your hard work and the time and you've dedicated to your craft.

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You haven't worked this incredibly hard to be tripped up at the final hurdle.

Even the most ground-breaking research and landmark findings will not be accepted by most academic publishers if the quality of your scientific manuscript is found to be inadequate. Sometimes, even the most experienced writers need a helping hand to ensure the quality of their scientific manuscript is up to publisher standards. Or, perhaps you're in a position where a previously submitted manuscript has been sent to publication and it needs to be re-formatted before you can submit it to a different publisher. Whichever scenario it may be, our expert academic editors are here to help you with reformatting, editing, proofreading and much more.

We appreciate the last thing you need is to spend even more time on your work fixing simple spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, or weak arguments that may negatively affect the credibility of your hard work. You certainly don't want to be asked to rectify minor, or worse, major flaws after a publisher's initial examination, if it can be avoided. And indeed it can be avoided if you get the right editing services before submitting your manuscript.

An enormous amount of research and analysis is invested in each scientific manuscript. Nevertheless, all the research and analysis in the world won't get a poorly structured or badly written piece through the high-standards of many universities and publications. Publication of your scientific manuscript is highly respected and is essential for those individuals wishing to advance their career prospects and secure high paying roles. Securing scholarships and research grants also rely heavily on the success of a manuscript's successful publication and high citation rates.

For students, effective, concise, and accurate writing and structure can significantly improve the chances of a manuscript being accepted and published. The risk of excellent research not being accepted weighs heavily on this premise. Careful scientific manuscript editing is therefore essential when preparing scientific writing for submission to publishers. Of course, research authors must check and correct their own work and asking guidance from fellow students, researchers, and mentors to help in this process is a great idea. However, there is no substitute for professional guidance from an academic editor.

That is why, here at Scientific Editing, we strive to provide you with the highest quality editing services we can to either budding or seasoned researchers. We aim to assist scientists, academic authors, and researchers alike power through any possible language barriers, provide a reference for academic authors when complying with publisher requirements, and hasten the tedious task of producing high-quality articles that are publication-ready.

We Are The Best Choice For Your Scientific Manuscript Editing Services

Each of our exceptional academic editors are both qualified and experienced in their respected fields. Having walked the postgraduate path themselves they have a firm grasp on the needs and concerns of postgraduate students. It's no doubt a stressful period getting your scientific manuscript from the review process to publication. This is why it's a great help that our academic editors have been through this process before and can help you through whatever challenges may arise. You can be assured that they know how to give to the best possible chance of your manuscript being accepted by journals and publishers.

Several of our academic editors at Scientific Editing are now Editor in the Life Science (ELS) accredited. This prestigious achievement was awarded to them from the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences (BELS). To qualify for ELS accreditation editors must take three exams a year in various locations throughout Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, and the United States.

Our top editors at Scientific Editing, that have previously completed this certification, have now completed the BELS examination which awards editors with diplomate status. The attainment of diplomate status demonstrates that our editors have shown impeccable editorial proficiency. This is required to be granted an Editor in the Life Sciences (ELS) certification. Diplomate status eligibility requires candidates to have held an ELS editor certification for at least 2 years and be able to provide proof of at least 6 years of editorial experience.

All of our academic editors are native English speakers. They all undergo intensive and comprehensive English language training from external training programs. Their attendance in these programs ensures their skills in grammar, punctuation, and the different varieties of English whether it be American, British, or Australian are well established.

You can rest assured that Scientific Editing academic editors have your back when it comes to scientific manuscript editing. Their extensive knowledge can be trusted with your hard work and sacrifice of producing a publishable scientific manuscript. Due to their wealth of experience, unrelenting focus, comprehensive efforts, and personal academic achievements we at Scientific Editing provide the highest quality editing services out there on the market.

Experts Across Many Disciplines

Here at Scientific Editing, we offer editing services for a wide variety of specializations. Our editors are well versed in editing scientific manuscripts. If you wish to see the different fields of studies that our academic editors cover please take a moment and visit our editors.

No matter how specialized your discipline or area of research may be, one of our scientific manuscript editors is sure to be able to help you. Our editors obtain a high level of technical competency in a wide array of fields of study. Our editorial teams are comprised of journal peer reviewers, physicians, MDs, and Ph.D. accredited specialists.

Our editors work in 1 of 20 editing Centers of Excellence (CoEs). Each CoE is highly specialized in different academic disciplines. CoE teams run all manuscripts through a 2-round optimization model that ensures technical competence in your specified area of study, guaranteeing the correct terminology, referencing, and subject matter are all adhered to.

What Can Scientific Editing Services Offer Me?

At Scientific editing, we offer a wide range of services to get your scientific manuscript up to the high standard required for it to be publish-ready. We'll provide comprehensive support to help you become a better writer while cleaning up your manuscript to ensure you'll be less worried about the layout of the scientific manuscript and get back to concentrating on your research. No scientific researcher wants to be bogged down with the inconvenience of correcting tedious spelling, grammar, or language mistakes. That is why we provide the following services:

  • Correcting any grammatical errors.
  • Correcting any spelling errors.
  • Correcting punctuation errors.
  • Ensuring the syntax of the English language is followed.
  • Ensuring your scientific manuscript reads logically, clearly, and the narrative flows easily.
  • Bridging any language barriers.
  • Reducing unnecessary redundancies and repetitions.
  • Identifying weak arguments and suggesting alternatives to strengthen your argument.
  • Identifying any inconsistencies or contradictions throughout your narrative.
  • Editing and modifying any referencing mistakes.
  • Providing helpful annotations and scientific-based comments to help you target more prestigious journals and publishers.
  • Offer trackable editing revisions of your scientific manuscript so you can keep track of editing revisions

Through these services, our editors will help you perfect your scientific arguments, stick to your narrative, present your findings in a clear and concise way, and ensure your findings are as impactful as they possibly can be. Don't get caught up in the trivialities of academic writing. Let our experts help you get the best our of research.

Providing The Highest Standards Of Academic Integrity In Our Services

Any good university encourages its Honor's, Master's, and Ph.D. students to have their scientific manuscripts edited by a professional copyediting service. Here at Scientific Editing, we strive to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity. This ensures that the manuscript editing that is carried out by our editors will not take away from the student's original ideas and arguments. Rather, they'll strive to clarify, strengthen, and reinforce your scientific narrative. Therefore adhering to the university's high standards.

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We offer fast, professional customer service to help your experience run as smoothly as possible. From pre-booking questions and inquiries to understanding aftercare services. Scientific Editing has your back. We look forward to assisting you from the initial phases of manuscript editing all the way through to publication.

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What our clients say

M. Subramanian

I love everything about the manuscript editing service provided by Scientific Editing. I used their editing service for my manuscript and everything worked out for me. Their communication and their turnaround time was very fast and efficient. They helped me greatly improve my manuscript. Thank you Scientific Editing for your wonderful service.

L. Hu

I had my manuscript edited and formatted by Scientific Editing. I am very happy with their service, and am definitely looking forward to working with Scientific Editing in future. I would recommend their editing service 100%.

G Friedrich

Scientific Editing allocated an editor to edit my PhD manuscript. The editor was an expert in my field and the communication was very clear and useful. I appreciate Scientific Editing for the good job they are doing.

R. Tubeh

This is the first time I use their service to edit my thesis. I am very satisfied with their professional assistance. The editor not only corrected the my grammatical errors but also formatted my thesis and rephrased sentences. I will definitively recommend Scientific Editing to my colleagues and friends. I am looking forward to using their professional work for my future manuscripts.