proofreading methods

Proofreading Methods

Before publication, proofreading is the final and most crucial stage of the editing process. Additionally, it focuses on re-examining correct use of language, mistakes in grammar, misspellings, punctuation errors, and formats. It is the final touch needed to ensure a business document is correct, consistent, and professional. You should only proofread after you have completed …

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Tips for technical editing

Tips for Technical Editing – a Clear and Concise Guide

Technical editing is the intensive correcting, modifying, and selecting process which prepares a text for publication. Generally, writers will always want their work to be acknowledged and understood by their audience. Hence, technical writing and editing skills are compulsorily associated with each other. Here we have provided tips for technical editing. Editing technically will help …

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Developmental editing

What Is Developmental Editing – Quick & Clear Guide

Developmental editing refers to a kind of editing that strives to improve the overall structure, content, and delivery of a manuscript. It is quite different from proofreading or copyediting which are processes aimed at improving the grammar, punctuation, and spellings of a written piece. Rather, the developmental editing process involves itself with topics like pacing, …

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Revising and Editing a science paper

Editing a Science Paper

Unlike editing blogs, articles, novels, etc., editing a science paper is different and follows a formal style. Therefore, it becomes crucial that science papers are edited carefully without altering the meaning and style of the work. Here are some tips that one can follow while editing a science paper. Consistency is the key When you …

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Author Workshop at Writer’s Digest Conference

As part of our continued commitment to help scholars and scientists overcome the challenge of publishing in leading international journals, Scientific Editing conducted a workshop at the 2019 Writer’s Digest Conference held in New York City. The Writer’s Digest Annual Conference is held by Writer’s Digest-publishers of the most-trusted instruction and resources for writers in …

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