Secret To Writing Like a Pro

writing like a pro

There are certain tricks and secrets to writing like a pro. When writing, using big words that make your paper harder to understand does not make you smarter. On the contrary, complex writing makes you sound small-minded. To sound smart when writing requires simplicity. Plus, simple writing is accurate and brilliant writing. Also, writing accurately …

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Using Italic font in Writing

using Italic font

Amongst the numerous fonts that have been made available over time, the most vital font type is none other than the italic Font. Journals and websites are increasingly using italic fonts throughout their articles. Their importance stems from the fact that they are utilized in emphasizing or even distinguishing words when you are writing a …

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Irregular Verbs in British Vs. American

Irregular verbs in American vs British

Though originated from the same source, British and American English language have some differences. These differences are so acute, sometimes British people even claim that Americans don’t speak English, they speak American. So what are those differences? Apart from the obvious pronunciations, there are differences in spelling, vocabulary, collective nouns, auxiliary verbs, and irregular verbs. …

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Common Punctuation Mistakes

punctuation mistakes

What are punctuation marks? Punctuation marks are the points or other small marks used in a text to help the reader interpret the exact meaning of the text. In a layman’s language, punctuation marks are used to make the written text readable and understandable. A sentence without punctuation is merely a group of words. Without …

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