Shortening A Long Abstract

Shortening A Long Abstract

The abstract is the second most crucial component of your academic paper after the title. The length of an abstract for most journals or lecturers is between 250-300 words; some journals or lecturers may ask for as low as 150 words. Writing an abstract is easy, but shortening a long abstract to fit the word …

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Weak Words To Avoid In Academic Writing – Quick Guide

avoiding weak words

Academic writing is different from informal writing. When writing an academic paper, many phrases and words that are otherwise acceptable in informal writing are inappropriate in academic writing terms. Slangs and short forms that juices up the informal writing have no place in academic writing. Academic writing should be concise, correct, precise, and free of …

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How To Find A Reliable Source/Reference

Reliable sources

Finding accurate and reliable research sources is an important aspect of academic writing. Thanks to the accessibility of information on the internet, finding sources and references has become easier for students and researchers. However, it is becoming more challenging to evaluate sources’ credibility to determine if the information provided in the sources can be cited. …

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