Thesis Editing Service

At Scientific Editing, we have in house experienced and methodical academic editors to help you succeed. After submitting your thesis to Scientific Editing, your editor will be in touch with you to give you personalized feedback on your thesis. The feedback goes beyond English grammar, rewording, and typos. While these are important and your editor will certainly address those issues, your editor will also pinpoint what your thesis lacks, what needs to be added, what needs to be removed, how to represent your results, and more. This is why we are called Scientific Editing. Your personal editor, who has a PhD in your field or close to yours, will edit your thesis for a confident submission.

We have served many universities worldwide

Scientific Editing has proofread and edited a large number of master's and PhD theses for students from different universities. Our editors have helped many students successfully perfect their theses! We hire only experienced editors to guarantee your satisfaction. By having a thoroughly edited thesis, you can express your ideas in a transparent and impactful manner. Our editors at scientific Editing will edit your thesis and provide precious comments and feedback in order for you to confidently submit your thesis. 

  • Our editor will provide personalized feedback and guidelines
  • We check for all English grammar, punctuation, spelling, typos, and other errors

  • Our editors who are native speakers of English will enhance the clarity, style, and sentence structure of your thesis.

  • We correct your citation format

  • We offer an efficient turnaround time and quick delivery of your thesis before the deadline.

Additional information regarding our thesis editing services can be found here

What our thesis editing services include

Editing English and styles of your thesis

English editing a fundamental part of all of our services whether a thesis, research paper, review paper, presentation, etc.

Proofreading of your thesis

By default, proofreading is provided for any order we receive. Our editors will proofread your thesis to make sure it is free of typos and grammar errors.

Defining thesis Statement

Every thesis should have a main point. A thesis statement is a sentence that describes your position on this main point. We check your thesis for the thesis statement.

Strong arguments

We pinpoint weak arguments and provide suggestions for how to make your point.We have editors in many fields and perhaps we have one in your field. Our experts will make your arguments stronger.

Meeting your deadline

Writing a thesis could be very stressful and students need to meet multiple requirements. At Scientific Editing we understand that every student thesis has a deadline.

Scientific Editing offers an efficient turnaround time and quick delivery of your thesis to make sure you meet your deadline.

Making your argument shine

We make sure all of your words contribute to making your arguments. Ordinary words like "says" make ordinary points. Could you use a word like argues, suggests, claims, or acknowledges instead of "says"? Strong words give more authority to your sentences and make them more interesting.At Scientific Editing, we will take care of that.

Providing multiple steps of editing

Depending on the level of editing required for your thesis, we do multiple steps of editing. In the first step, our editor reads and analyzes your thesis and provides suggestions and comments as a report for what needs to be done. After you implement the suggestions in your thesis, our editors will edit your thesis for clarity, language flow, consistency, writing style, and punctuations.

What our clients say

K Lammer

I recommend Scientific Editing to my students.

O Sven

They edited my thesis and I am very happy with their work.

T Kamts

Professional work was done by Scientific Editing.