What Papers Get Many Citations?


A citation is an official mention of a broadcast or non-broadcast supply that you simply consulted and acquired data from writing your analysis paper. The amount of times your work is cited is very important. As a result, it will indicate the impact that your analysis has in the particular sector.

Papers with lots of citations have an assertive impact on your career because funding companies tend to consider the number of citations when coming to an agreement.

Here are a few examples of the papers that get many citations:

citationPapers in which the keywords are carefully chosen get many citations. Choosing keywords that the researchers in that field look for will help the paper appear in database search and increase the citation count.

citationUsing keywords in the title and repeating them in the papers augments the probability of the paper getting many citations and helps it to appear on top of the search engine’s list, making it available to more people to read.

citationUsing a permanent form of the writer’s name helps the readers to find the work and makes it easier for them to find more articles by using up this name in the future, which helps the papers get many citations.

citationPapers that have 100% correct information get many citations. Providing correct information is one of the most important keys to getting a high number of citation. Checking that the name and annexing area units are correct on the ultimate proofs of the manuscript and making sure that the papers containing the information are correct is very important.

citationMaking sure that the document is easily reachable is important to get a good citation.

citationSharing information can get the papers lots of citations. There is some proof that sharing information increases citations. Thinking about posting to information sharing websites, like figshare or SlideShare, or contributive to Wikipedia and providing links to theprinted document help papers to get many citations.

citationWork of the paper presented at conferences, social gathering not only help to boost confidence but also help the particular paper to get citations. This will make the research papers more reachable and visible to the educational and researchers’ community.

citationSocial media is a great weapon to get more reads and citations. Papers posted with links on social media reach to more people. Social media now has the option for other people to share the same work as well which boosts the reach and helps papers to achieve a high number of citation.

citationPapers that are actively promoted are more likely to get many citations. Talking to different researchers from different fields, mailing a copy of the paper to the intellectuals help to get many citations.

citationA research blog containing all the researches and papers reaches out to a lot of people. It keeps all the works together on one single website is easily accessible to people which makes the papers reach a high number of citation.

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